Barnaby Sheppard
39 South Hill Park, Hampstead
London NW3 2ST
Mobile: 0973 410 553
Telephone (home): 020 7446 7500
Gold Orange
Purple White

Barnaby was born in 1974 and brought up in London, serving much of his schooling in a specialist music school. He eventually graduated from York University in 1998 (BA Philosophy) and joined Amaze Ltd, a company specializing in digital information (content) architectures and learning methods. At Amaze he reached the position of Senior Information Architect and worked on a number of commercial projects mainly for large blue chip clients.

Barnaby joined Oyster Partners (an 'end to end' digital services company - my description - don't quote me) in August 2000 to strengthen the Experience Design Group ( His role involves the commercially focused design of user-enabling digital systems and the definition of interface interaction principles. His current position is as Senior Information Architect.

Information Architecture includes defining the user requirements of a system, leading the structural design of the information space to facilitate intuitive access to content, designing the presentation of information to facilitate understanding, development of navigation processes to facilitate user tasks, and defining how the user interacts with site functionality. Currently he is involved in Research and Development work for 3rd Generation mobile devices.