Christopher J Atkinson MA, PhD, MIHSM
Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK
Tel. 0860 184776
Red Gold
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He has a College Diploma/HND Civil Engineering BIT and a BA Systems Studies OU. He also has a Certificate in Counselling from the University of Manchester (trained in therapeutic approaches working with clinical teams), An MA in Systems in Management from Lancaster University and a Ph.D. from the same university. His doctoral thesis was titled: 'Metaphor and Systemic Praxis': On the Fundamental and Multiple concepts of 'System'.

He worked as structural/civil engineer for from 15-30 - developed CAD programmes in Fortran and has been a tutor on all OU systems courses. He also had a position as Wellcome Foundation Lecturer in Management Science at the University of Liverpool Medical School. He also was a Director of the MSc in Health Information Management at the University of Manchester and the Director of the MSc in Health Informatics and the MSc in General Practice of the European Institute of Health and Medical Sciences from 1997 to 1999. He is now a Brunel University Senior Lecturer in Information Systems and a member of the Living Systems Group and chairs the multidisciplinary Centre for Health Information Systems and Computing.

He has researched into and developed the Soft Information Systems and Technologies Methodology (SISTeM). It is an approach that is used for the integration of organisational and informational development and is based on the notion of human/machine activity systems. The approach brings together systemic problem solving with IS development methodologies and tools as well as processes modelling and cultural change approaches. It is used in the producing of integrated Strategies for 'Growing not Building' the maturation pathways of organisational, multi-organisational' networks. Currently he is developing the systemic concept of organisational architecture 'OrganiTecture' as an underpinning discipline for SISTeM, based on Actor-Network Theory.

He is also a consultant and has done a great deal of work with National Health Service Executive and other healthcare organisations. This has included the development of the Electronic Patient Record, NHS IS strategies and participative IS applications development and procurement. Now he is working on a joint European Union project to set up an Internet based Health Informatics Centre in China.