Consuelo Davila Silva
Yellow Brown
Red Black

Born in Bogota, she studied Economics and has a Masters in Economic Development from the Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia. She specialized in Integrated Management of Environment, in the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the same university.

She directed a social pilot project funded by the World Bank, at the office of the President of Colombia, in 23 medium size Colombian cities. This program coordinated the provision of social services of the by that time centralized institutions and promoted a real social participation of the communities.

She worked with the Fondo Nacional de Proyectos de Inversion promoting and coordinating the National Science and technology Mission, with the National Institute of Sciences and technology helping the creation of the national science and technology system and redesigning the finance program funded by the Inter-American Development Bank.

She was a manager for Colombia of a Latin-American program (funded by the IDB) working in the promotion of joint-ventures for small and medium enterprises.

After having other public and private experiences, she worked with the local government of Cartagena de Indias in urban planning, with the Ministry of Economic Development and UNDP. She has promoted and organized various international seminars on international economic integration in particular on the articulation between the financial sector and the technological innovation.

She is the actual Vice-president of the Board of Directors of Fundación Nuestro Hogar: a low-income and high risk children foundation.