Eve Mitleton-Kelly
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She is the Director and initiator of the Complexity and Organisational Learning Research Programme at the London School of Economics, UK (http://www.lse.ac.uk/lse/complex); Director and Executive Co-ordinator of SOL-UK (London), which is the London group of the global 'Society for Organisational Learning' network (http://sol-uk.org). She also has a BA in philosophy and MSc in Information Systems.

The focus of her research has been the strategy process in the business and information systems domains, with over 90 companies in the UK and USA. Her recent work has concentrated on the implications of the theories of complexity for IT legacy systems, organisational learning and the emergence of organisational 'forms' and has developed a methodology for identifying conditions that enable and constrain those processes. She has been an Advisory Board Member on Complexity to Citibank, New York, 1997-8; Adviser to the Czechoslovakian Ministry of Education, 1988; and leads Complexity Thinking Workshops for senior teams in the World Bank (Washington DC), Shell UK, Glaxo-Wellcome UK, BT, Citibank (New York), and several major organisations in the Aerospace industry. She has written extensively on complex social systems and on the application of the theory in practice.

Her first career between 1967-83, was with the British Civil Service in the Department of Trade and Industry, where she was involved in the formulation of policy and the negotiation of EU Directives.