Pete Barnsley, PhD
Technical Group Leader - Research
into Operational Support Environments
 Business Engineering Laboratory,
Advanced Communications Research
 Advanced Communications Engineering, BT
 Adastral Park, Martlesham Heath
 Ipswich, IP5 3RE
Dark Blue Black
Red Green

He has been a leader of team of 6 researchers conducting work looking at the future organisation of service companies. This includes business, people, IT, process, measures and culture aspects. Pete has been working in this field for about 3-5 years. His personal interests are in understanding and constructing an integrated model set that allows the many "systems" to be understood and analysed to some degree. Cultural aspects and measures are currently of interest. He recently was involved in the Slaley Hall "Systems Research" event cosponsored by EPSRC. In this field Pete has co-authored 5 papers mostly in BT and related journals.

Pete has experience working in multidisciplinary and international teams. He has conducted and lead a number of strategic studies within EURESCOM looking at organisational structure and complexity. He has also represented BT at international telecommunications standards fora (ITU-T). His previous discipline was optical physics and optical transmission networks. In this discipline he gained a world reputation in nonlinear semiconductor devices and their application to advanced optical systems and networks. He published over 40 papers, and authored a few book chapters. He is (co-) author of 6 patents.