Rebecca Herron

Telephone: +(44) 1522 886493 

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Rebecca was born in 1969 and spent her childhood in north Liverpool.  She now lives in Newark with her husband, Martin, and is a member of the Lincoln School of Management Research Group.

Her academic career is largely based around Mathematics and Operational Research (OR) but this has been balanced by 8 years of professional (non- academic), employment.  She worked for Pilleirgton Gloss Ltd a specialist simulation consultancy as an OR analyst.  She has also worked in 2 Education Departments as a local government planning and Development officer.  

She now coordinates the community OR Unit at Lincoln and is dedicated to research and development that supports communities to create for themselves more desirable futures.

Her PhD (Applied mathematical studies jointly undertaking within the Non-linear Studies and Computational Geography Research Centre at Leeds University).  Her main research interests are complexity, operational research, data analysis and their potential applications to society.  She does not like mornings and wishes 11:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. working hours be introduced across Europe!!!