Roberto Zarama
Department of Industrial Engineering
Universidad de los Andes
Bogota - Colombia
Telephone: +(57) 1 2849911 ext 3883
Fax: +(57) 1 286 6201
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Roberto red pure mathematics in the National University of Colombia and was granted a Doctorate of the French Sate in Philosophy at The School of High Social Studies in Paris. Afterwards he accepted an invitation from Magdalene College in Oxford to do postdoctoral studies in management.

He has worked as a consultant for private and public organisations. He works in the intervention of social organisations through educational workshops in which the language that conform the organisation is reconstructed by the people that constitute the organisation. He is a professor at Los Andes University in Bogota.

He recognises that the work has been doing in the past six years has only been possible to the interaction with German Bula, Raul Espejo, and Alfonso Reyes. He has trying to see how the way in which women have been educated in the westem society can become a form of creating a better world and a way of thinking that could he1p to recognise relations so to design effective organisations. For this later concern he admires every day more and more his wife, his mother, and his grandmother.