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Topic ICTs, Context and Face-to-Face Communiction
Participants | Ian Perry | Pete Barnsley | David Best | Raul Espejo | John Mingers |
Critics | Consuelo Davila | Chris Atkinson | Roger Harnden | Keith Pheby | Clas-Otto Wene |

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Outcome Resolve

Co-ordinator = John Mingers

We recognise the rich, complex, multifaceted nature of human communication, especially because of the embodied and autonomous nature of human cognition.

We also see a range of communication models/media both face-to-face and ICT enabled.

We wish to explore the limits (and potential enhancements) and opportunities of these media with respect to communication.

In order to do this we will develop the above into a framework.

  1. Construction of Framework.

  2. Exploration of Limits & Enhancement.

To achieve this we will specifically look at:

  1. The various media/modes of communication whether ICT-enabled or not.
  2. The way we model and frame our understanding of what human communication requires. 
  3. The significance of appreciating the participants' local contexts in the quality of human communication.
  4. We will look at the way the linkage can occur using practical example such as our own syntegration.

We will exchange papers and other relevant material to enrich the group's conversations in the short term, with the aim of producing a document for the network by February of next year.