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Topic Ethics in the Information Society
Participants | Zoraida Mendiwelso | German Bula | Keith Pheby | Roberto Zarama |
Critics | Pete Barnsley | David Best | Alfonso Reyes | Clas-Otto Wene |

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Outcome Resolve

Co-ordinator = Keith Pheby

We have agreed on starting a research programme in which we would deal with at least the following three aspects:

  1. The production/identification of not just textual languaging of language for ethics. We would like to see if ICT can facilitate this process.
  2. We would map a type of "archaeology/genealogy" of extant ethical systems. From this analysis we would determine what to retain and what to discard.
  3. We want to explore the different enablers and inhibitors in ICT practices for citizenship at different levels of recursion which is informed by the concept of enacting the "coexistence of differences" and acceptance of otherness.

In order to develop the above we will:

  1. write something collectively
  2. organise two or three symposia
  3. produce some type of empirical studies