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Topic ICTs and Co-evolution in Society
Participants | Rebecca Herron | Chris Atkinson | Clive Holtham | Eve Mitleton-Kelly | Clas-Otto Wene |
Critics | Consuelo Davila | Pete Barnsley | German Bula | Bob Malcolm | John Mingers |

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Outcome Resolve

Co-ordinator = Clive Holtham

It is proposed to carry out a case study research into innovation (non-invasive surgery) which appears to have been marked by the co-evolution between ICT and social processes to deliver approved performance in the medical system. Although the results are not generalisable across all ICT (it may not be relevant to ICT consumer markets for instance), it may be relevant to expert-driven, high technology areas. A target is to support future better informed practices.

The aim is to create narratives from different actor perspectives and then to analyse those narratives from three different systemic perspectives: Complexity, VSM and Actor-Network.

It is possible, at the planning stage, to conjecture on other areas where the model may apply (e.g., architecture, art, cinema, law, education). To make generalisable claims, case studies in other areas are likely to be necessary.

The outcome should aim to support the four concepts in the Outcome Resolve.

This is an initial study with a view to developing a full research proposal to EPSRC.