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Allenna Leonard

Infoset Member

Name: Allenna Leonard
Telephone: Canada + 416 535 0396


Education and Professional Background

B.A.St. Johnís College, Annapolis, MD Classic liberal arts curriculum

M.A. George Washington University, Washington D.C. Higher Education Administration

Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park, MD Administration (concentration in cybernetics)

Current Employment and Work Related Activities

Research and consulting under auspices of The Complementary Set, especially applications of the Viable System Model. Pt. Time University Teaching, Licensee T.S.I. Representative of Cwarel Isaf Institute.

Currently serving as president of the American Society for Cybernetics

Current Certification Status Ė Organizer, lead facilitator


I had the privilege of being Stafford Beerís partner in life and in work from 1981 until his death last year, and am committed to continuing to use and publicize his work.

Special Interest: using Syntegration as a forum for democratic dialogue, especially on issues of public importance.

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