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Infoset Member

Name: Dr. Angela Espinosa
Telephone: +44 (0)1723 374265


In the early 1980s I graduated as a computer and systems engineer in Colombia, my country. After some years of work for both private and public organisations as a systems analyst and designer, I wanted to learn more on the effectiveness on computers to improve organisational performance. It was when I came to the UK to Aston Business School, where I did the first stage of my PhD in Organisational Cybernetics and Information Management. I then lead the Secretariat of Information and Systems at the Colombian President's Office for a couple of years in the early 1990s. Based on my experience there I finished my PhD in Organisational Cybernetics and Information Management in1995. 

For several years I was a part time lecturer and part time consultant to some Ministries and multilateral agencies (International Development Bank, United Nations) in the fields of organisational development and strategic use of information technologies, for Public Sector Organisations in my country. In most cases I introduced the application of Organisational Cybernetics approaches to management. I have enjoyed the opportunity of contributing my best to the national effort in organisational learning to enhance Colombia's public sector effectiveness.

At the academic level I have developed applied research in organisational cybernetics, developed several conferences and published some books and papers. In the last six years, I developed a post-graduate course on management control systems, leaded a master degree at the Industrial Engineering Department of Los Andes University and guided many master's theses on the application of systems approaches to management both in the public and private sectors.

As a new member of the Hull Business School staff, I am now lecturing at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, designing a new masters in information management and doing research. My teaching interests are in Systems Thinking, Organisational Cybernetics, Information Management, Learning Strategies, and Complexity and Management of Change. My current research focus is on organisational change and strategic use of information and communication technologies for organisational development, in particular in the fields of education and the environment.

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