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Harry Beer

Infoset Member

Name: Harry Beer
Telephone: +44 (0)1604 7 37665


To celebrate Stafford turning seventy five I sent him a fax saying...

Suddenly Everything Veers Ending Not Time Yet For Infinite Variety Exists.

I am not sure about the semantic accuracy of these words in a cybernetic sense but in a purely emotional, son to father sense I am sad that I was right and his time was in fact veering towards ending.

To be honest it was no great surprise. Wizard Prang revealed he knew when his death would come and so too Stafford had prepared me for his moving on when he was 75.

Now I no longer have the direct joy and fun of his physical fatherly-ness I've found myself for the first time(!) reading his work. It's a very odd sensation to discover the real "clever bastard" bit of the old man and I'm sure he'll be pleased that his youngest is finally showing an interest in the family business.

In my copy of Platform For Change he has written words to the effect that it will be instructive to discover if I find the book as way out as it was regarded at the time... I think I probably do. There's not much there to date the ideas, many of which I suspect only make comprehensive sense now we are living in the high speed communication internet age. Many of the same mistakes are still being made, some on a very grand scale and it is thrilling to consider how my old man's intellectual legacy can be made use of in my own worlds.

I have no educational nor necessarily relevant professional, biographical information to share with you all. I have an O level in Welsh, some other GCSE's, two A levels and an HND in something made up. This latter however bore fruit in that it got me into radio and I am now in a management position at a BBC local radio station in the most central English county - Northamptonshire.

I hope my lack of a cybernetic or systems background will not frustrate the process of the syntegration. I am excited and proud to be involved, but must admit to a degree of nervous trepidation.

By the way in the same birthday fax I posed him a little teaser by signing off thus...

Beard master fan go far

It does still make me smile that he failed to solve it and whooped with delight at hearing the answer.

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