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Joe Truss

Infoset Member

Name: Joe Truss
Telephone: Canada + 416 319 3312


Joe contributed two chapters to Beyond Dispute: The Invention of Team Syntegrity (Wiley 1994). Joe also co-authored a number of papers on Team Syntegrity and its various forms. 

Joe developed the Team Syntegrity planning applications and variations of the methodology for smaller and larger groups. Joe is now Chair of TSI's Development Directorate, continuing the role played by Beer since the inception of the company. He is one of three people holding a designation of certified TS Master Designer.

Joe is a management consultant and business generalist with over thirty years of entrepreneurial and senior management experience. 

As a manager and consultant, Joe has gained expertise in the areas of management cybernetics, organization design and development, strategic planning, human performance technologies, information technologies and sales and marketing. His earliest career was in music, and he still plays congas, djembay and dunbek drums. 

Joe holds an MBA degree from McMaster University, Canada.

Joe is the only direct descendent/apprentice of Stafford's esoteric teachings and tantric yoga and is dedicated to continuing the work Stafford articulated through his many books, papers and life. 

Joe lives with his business and life partner Christine Cullen in Meaford, Ontario. He has a 23-year old daughter Ziska from his former marriage with Judy. 

Born in Trinidad, Joe grew up in Barbados and later settled in Canada in 1978.

Extract from In Celebration - Stafford Beer - prepared by Joe for the occasion of the London Memorial in 2002

"I met Stafford in late 1990 in Toronto. Together with the other Directors, Allenna, Alan Pearson and David Beatty, we formed Team Syntegrity Inc. Stafford remained as Chair until 1997 when I succeeded him and he became Lifetime Chair of TSI's System 4 Development Directorate, mandated to maintain the integrity and future development of Team Syntegrity - another responsibility he bestowed on me. I also have his begging bowl - offered and received in guru/disciple tradition.

Over the past twelve years whenever he was in Toronto, during his seasonal quarterly times at home at Palmerston Square, we would spent two days each week in 10-12 hour marathon sessions together. Over the past five years, these times included Christine Cullen for all but our private Aleph Null meetings, when he apprenticed me in his esoteric teachings as we meandered outside of our usual categories. We often found ourselves embedded in many levels of nested recursions, but when you are not aiming to arrive anywhere you are unlikely to become lost. 

Over the last two years Chris and I also accompanied him to the UK during his seasonal quarterly visits there where we would be together constantly for weeks on end, at the Athenaeum in London, visiting his universities in Newcastle and of course hauling wood at Cwarel Isaf, his cottage near Lampeter where we spent countless days and nights working, reading his poetry, and dis-inventing the world. 

Although I am not generally one to count how many grapes went into the wine, I have sat (figuratively and not always quietly) in the face of this negentropy quasar for some 10,000 hours over the past 12 years. This is equivalent to 1000 10-hour days which is a staggering statistic and sounds implausible. Stafford was gob-smacked when we calculated this. I tell you this because everyone has heard how Stafford profoundly affected people even in brief encounters. I am overwhelmed at his death -- by the absence of his physical presence and the constant stream of high variety that has been so much part of my physical environment during these incredible years.

Besides being a 'fucking' genius, he was a father, brother, wise elder, mentor, shaman, man and best friend. He was this to many of you. He was all of this to me. He was also a great lover in the broadest sense of the word. (He would love to hear me say this.)

He has shaken our world in ways we can only imagine and where he is now he will no doubt shake that world too."

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