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Stefan Wasilevski

Infoset Member

Name: Stefan Wasilevski


Stefan Wasilewski is a self-taught observer of Life. His principal focus was to be a fencer, a sport that, when done well, teaches observation, self-discipline and diversity.

Academic life stopped at University entrance as the Olympics beckoned but, with a family background in engineering and nuclear physics it was hard not to continue an interest in the developing world of computation and computers.

Through one route or another business demanded that these interest be applied and in the process he established several businesses from scratch relying on the application of real-time data management and eventually the full and practical use of expert systems. The last application became the working model for Coopers & Lybrand on how to manage an insurance company.

Heros are numerous as are his interests. His choices for university would have been mathematics, music or art. Oops what a spread.

Having developed an appreciation of cybernetics and cellular automata along with a practical application for a banks risk management system he met Stafford once in London. 4-hours of discussion, intense and diverse comparative histories left in Stefan a feeling of having met a ‘long lost brother’, a feeling voice by Stafford. Stefan remains a friend.

Currently he is establishing a new company using the VSM as an emerging process to monitor operational risk for business but practically applying it to individuals and letting them act as CA’s to derive the whole.

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