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Wayne Conrad

Infoset Member

Name: Wayne Conrad


Wayne Conrad is a research scientist responsible for Scientific and Technical Management of Omachron Family of Companies. Wayne brings to his work a Renaissance-like range of interests from sports (he is an accomplished swimmer) to languages (French and German, as well as English) to flying.

His fascination with technology was first sparked in 1974 when, at age 11, he helped his father restore a 1929 glider, in which he subsequently logged many hours of flight. That same year, he began to design and build a solar-powered car, with advanced features such as energy-recovery braking and solar tracking, which won him an Environmental Design Award at the Canada Wide Science Fair (among many other prizes). Wayne was mentored by Prof. Stan Philips-who is still an associate-and became a protC)gC) of Prof. A.D. Moore of the University of Michigan Electrical Engineering Department, one of the world's leading authorities in electrostatics, electromagnetics, and spheromagnetics.

Wayne was fortunate to be mentored in cybernetics and management science by Stafford Beer who also imparted Wayne with a deep moral commitment to the natural world and our future in it. Wayne later became a consultant to various companies, including Martin Marietta and Hughes Aerospace, and several United States government agencies, and founded his own R&D consulting firm.

Wayne currently holds-or has pending-more than 250 patents in such diverse areas as air and water purification, ozone generation, heat transfer, cyclonic particle separation, electrostatic precipitation, vortex mixers, venturi, clean metal spray technology, super alloy manufacturing, electronic control systems, electrohydrodynamic and magenetohydrodynamic systems, pulse power systems, alternative energy technologies, and advanced turbine engine designs.

Wayne enjoys computers, reading and art and his favourite hobby invention. Wayne still works with his father Helmut who provides inspiration and has over 50 years of aerospace engineering and production technology.

Wayne is married to Nina Kanevsky, a talented young film producer, director and editor in 2002. Nina continues to develop feature films and documentaries and also uses her film talents to help Wayne with his work. Nina also works with Wayne as a part time engineer and graphic artist.

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