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Digital Photography (<=2002)

Prague: a beautiful City (2002)

Uses a counter and numbered photographs to display several sets of 9 thumbnails (click next to reveal the next 9), clicking on a thumbnail reveals a medium-sized version of the photo, clicking on this medium-sized image reveals an even larger version.

The Photo Archive (2002)

A complex database driven system that allows the user to set filters in order to find photographs matching certain criteria.  NB. there are not many photos yet, so stick with England, Spain or Scotland if you want to see any results.

Christmas Meal at Wednesday's (29 Dec 2001)

A very simple page of thumbnails, click on a thumbnail to display the full size image in its own browser window.

Zoe & Andy's Wedding (29 Jul 2000)

Three different ways of browsing/searching a remote database of photographs, with numbered photographs and associated descriptions.

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