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Digital Photography (2004)

Jose & Cecilia's Wedding (Nov 2004)

The Wedding of Jose-Rodrigo Cordoba-Pachon & Cecilia Loureiro-Koechlin.

Devon (July/Aug 2004)

The Robson clan (15 people in total) on Holiday in a 'cottage' (a large house really) in Devon.

USA (Jun/Jul 2004)

A few photos of Las Vegas (most of them are at the end of the sequence) & Arizona (the pictures of the town are of Flagstaff), and a lot of photos of Utah, where Wendy & I had a great time camping in an RV.  Be warned there are 123 photos in all.

Richmond (Jun 2004)

Wendy & I went off for a pleasant weekend in Richmond (North Yorkshire); the Hotel & Castle are very nice (as is the surrounding countryside), but where are all of the nice Pubs?

Cacti (May 2004)

Alison & Liam kindly took these photographs of Cacti for Wendy, whilst visiting Arizona on their World Tour.

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