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Digital Photography (2006)

NYMR to Whitby (19 July 2006)

Wendy & I wanted to visit Whitby, and the North Yorkshire Moors Railway (NYMR) was a lovely way to get there, and back; from Pickering.

SMC's Big Night Out (22 November 2006)

After many failed attempts to fix a date the majority of the SMC staff were 'happy' with, the 'Big Night Out' finally went ahead; and a great time was had by all.

Seamus William O'Dwyer (Nov/Dec 2006)

Alison and Liam's son Seamus was born in November of 2006; this set of photographs (culled from many that were sent to me) 'capture' his first few months of life, up to, and including his first Christmas.

Wendy in her Garden (Xmas 2006)

I took a photograph of Wendy in her Garden from a few years ago, and cut it up into a 3 by 3 set of 9 photographs, then printed and laminated them in order to create a large wall-hanging. The original idea was that this would be displayed outside in the garden, but it was quite difficult (i.e. impossible for me) to put the 9 separate images together in a 'robust' enough manner so that they would survive even the slightest breeze. So my creation now has pride of place in her Office at home.

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