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Digital Photography (2007)

Barcelona (24 to 28 March 2007)

    Although we were only in Barcelona for 4 days, I took far too many photographs for one slideshow, so...

Spalding Flower Festival (May 2007)

Wendy & I went to see the Spalding Flower Festival; having been 'invited' by her Dad and Step Mother. The weather wasn't brilliant for the majority of the weekend, but the sun managed to put in appearance during the flower parade.

SMC Finalists Dinner (24 May 2007)

The dinner took place in the Ambassador Hotel; a foolish few of us went on to drink far too much until the early hours of the morning, when things got a bit blurry (see the last photograph).

Brittany (20 to 28 July 2007)

Wendy & I went on Holiday with Zoe & Andrew, in a rented a cottage, in Pleneuf Val Andre, Brittany, France. An excellent time was had by all; at least the holiday part in France itself went well; however, don't even ask about the journey back on the 'fast' Ferry. Be warned; there are 117 Photos in this slideshow. In addition; the excellent freeware Autostitch program (by Matthew Brown) enabled me to 'stitch together' some very nice Panorama of Brittany.

Bruges (14 to 17 Aug 2007)

The 'journey from hell' back from Brittany obviously didn't put us off; as Wendy & I once again braved a ferry crossing of the North Sea for a few days in Belgium. The weather wasn't perfect, but the sea was calm enough for both crossings, and Bruges is a nice compact place for a short break. We walked miles-and-miles (or should that be Kilometres?); Wendy even persuaded me to 'splash out' (I am usually far too mean) on a carriage ride.

Emma & James (23 Aug 2007)

Emma & James both decided to desert their SMC colleagues at the same time; so we went out for a meal at Pepper's Restaurant in Scarborough to see them off. Emma is off to Durham; in order to complete her PhD. James hasn't gone quite as far; i.e. he now works for the School of Education.

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