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Web Reseller

As a Web Reseller I can; 'Register' a Domain Name on your behalf, then either 'Host' it as a Web-site for you, or 'Park' the Domain until your Web-site is ready to go live.

Registering a Domain Name

To register a UK Domain (e.g. those ending in,, etc.) will cost you only 9.00 per Year.

To register an International Domain (e.g. those ending in .com, .biz, etc.) will cost you only 16.00 per Year.

Web-site Hosting

Web-site hosting costs between 50 and 100 per year, depending upon the complexity of the Web-site required.

I currently host Web-sites for the following organisations, who have either developed their own Web-presence, or have done so with the assistance of another Web-consultant.

Moving On?

If you feel that another Web-hosting company may better suit you and your business, then I am 'happy' for you to take your business elsewhere, for example, I no longer host the Web-sites for a number of my previous clients, e.g.:

Parking a Domain

If all you want to do is secure a Domain Name, but don't yet have a Web-site, then this is the option for you. For example; I have registered and 'Parked' the following Domains, on behalf of Good Life Organics.

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